Cheryl Malovic

"I have been working out with Estreya for four months now, why? because i needed the motivation. I was having trouble feeling motivated and getting out there and just doing it! She has reinvigorated working out for me. I have gone from zero to muscle in just four months.

I am from the Northern VA area and found it hard to find a trainer when we moved to this area. A trainer that really knew what they were talking about. Estreya is more than a trainer, she encompasses everything that is important when it comes to working out. She cares about your form in a serious way, she stresses the importance of diet and will help you find your way, she constantly researches and educates herself on all things fitness. She is certified in several specialties and her love and passion for fitness really is demonstrated in each and every work out. I have never had the same workout twice. Boredom, NEVER! She listens to your goals and programs for you to achieve those RESULTS.

Her gym is personal, in an intimate setting (but there's nothing small about it). You don’t feel intimidated or that your competing against anyone, the only competition is for you to get better and to be the best YOU.

If you need the right person to reach your goals, Estreya and Avenger Athletics is it!"

---Cheryl Malovic

Mary Toland

"I’m the type of person that needs that push to get me motivated, Avenger Athletics is the perfect push!

Thanks to Avenger Athletics I have started my journey to get myself back to where I want to be, not just physically but to make better health choices when it comes to eating as well. They have given me the tools to use to help keep track of what I’m eating throughout the day and track my exercise, even when I’m not at the gym.

I would recommend them to anyone!!"

---Mary Toland




Allison Brognia

Estreya is an awesome trainer. She encourages and motivates me every session. I feel so much stronger and I'm very happy with my results. I would highly recommend!

---Allison Brognia

Michelle Zayas

Coach Estreya listens to the changes that I want to do with my body and creates a workout that will fit my needs.

She is helping me reach my goals and I am seeing the changes in my body, I now have muscles where they were not before.

I highly recommend Avenger Athletics to anyone that would like to start working out to become more fit.


---Michelle Zayas




Kathleen Bradley

"I am an older woman and I have been working with Estreya for the past two months. I had no idea where to start so she has guided me throughout my journey to better health and increased strength and flexibility. I am only at the beginning of this journey but I am already amazed at what I am able to do.

Estreya has taught me so much and I look forward to what she has planned for the months to come. So encouraging."

---Kathleen Bradley

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