Powerlifting, Strongman, Conjugate Tactical

USAPL Club - Avenger Athletics Powerlifting

Powerlifting is for anyone that would like to learn the three major lifts; Squat, Bench, & Deadlift. In addition to learning proper technique and training methods, you can gain experience competing on the platform as a USAPL member, with Avenger Athletics Powerlifting Club. Powerlifting classes run Monday thru Friday.

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Strongman is for anyone that would like to get strong lifting and moving odd objects. Strongman will be customized to the individual, to make sure their goals are met.

**Contact for individual programming if you would like 1-1 instruction, in addition to classes.


Westside Barbell Conjugate Tactical Training

"The greatest service we can provide our athletes lies not in the omission of certain exercises nor does it lie in a rigid adherence to doctrine, INCLUDING the words previously written.

Our greatest service to those that serve lies in our ability to identify weakness, address need, and manage training.

No amount of rhetoric or theatrics will replace the efficacy of an educated, open minded, and intelligent strength coach.

Our success is measured in the lives we improve, which in turn is measured by the amount of lives saved. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS"


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Conjugate Tactical