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Coach Estreya

FB: @Wodtastic
IG: #CoachEstreya

Coach Estreya started working out in 2013. However, when she was younger she played every sport possible including basketball, cheerleading, track, martial arts, etc… She played sports year round. As she got older, she coached league basketball and then worked like most adults.

However, after walking into a gym in 2013, it renewed her love for sports and fitness.

She became a coach/trainer because she loves the fitness industry, working out, coaching & helping others.

As a coach she gets to make a lasting impression and help people reach their fitness goals. Members have different goals; to lose weight, to gain muscle, to lean out, to make healthier decisions, etc... With Coach Estreya, members get to see their body transform with a decrease in weight and inches, while increasing their strength, or an increase in inches, weight, and in strength.

Everyone has different goals but at the end of the day, our goal is to help people love their self body image. When the members' physical changes/goals are met, their self-confidence soars.


  • Westside Barbell Conjugate Tactical Certified Coach
  • USAPL Powerlifting Coach
  • Strongman Coach
  • Aerobics Capacity
  • Gymnastics
  • L1 Trainer
  • CPR
  • Scaling
  • Spot the Flaw

Strongman Competitor:

  • WSG 2018 - World Strength Games

Record holder in the:

    • Farmer Carry
    • Yoke Carry


  • PA State -57 MASTER 1A RAW DEADLIFT RECORD (01/19/19)